Where Are We


Just up the road from Grond is the quiet town of Chatillon-en-Bazois and 20km up the road the Morvan national park begins – for those looking for something to climb!

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How To Get Here


By Car

From Calais, A26/E15 to Arras, A1/E15 to Paris, clockwise around N/D 104 to Evry, A6/E15 to Nemours, A77 to Nevers, junction 36 dir Autun (D981) then D978 in Chateau Chinon direction, enter Rouy then Tintury via D132, pass the sawmill and first left to Grond, first right onto D112 and you are here!(phew)


By Train

Assuming you’ve used the Eurostar(as it’s the only method), you will arrive at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris. From here, you need to go to the Gare de Bercy station which is 7km south from Gare du Nord to get a train to Nevers. You can catch the RER line D metro to Bercy metro station, with the Gare de Bercy train station a stone’s throw away. If you tell us when you’re arriving in Nevers, we’ll come and pick you up!


By Plane

The nearest airport isn’t really near, it’s still Paris. Where from here, you’ll need to catch the train from Gare de Bercy to Nevers(see above).